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Workshop Internacional de Línguas em Contato

Workshop “Línguas em contato”
Organização: Sabine Gorovitz em parceria com Isabelle Léglise (PEERS MOBILANG)
Local do evento: UnB – Auditório da BCE

* Isabelle Léglise (CNRS, SEDYL-CELIA)

* Duna Troiani (CNRS, SEDYL-CELIA)

* Anne Garcia-Fernandez (INALCO, SEDYL)

* Sabine Gorovitz (UnB)

Data: 26 e 27 de setembro
Horário: de 9h-12 e 14h-18h
Local que serão feitas as inscrições: Secretaria do Postrad

At this workshop, I did two talk. The first one was an introduction to NLP for linguists and translation scientists. During the second one, centred on textual data mining, I presented my current work which consists in applying data mining technics to language in contact corpora.

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