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I am a post-doctorat researcher at INALCO and SeDyL, a CNRS laboratory in Villejuif near Paris since April 4, 2012.

I'm working with Isabelle Léglise and Pascal Vaillant in the EFL labex and my work is highly related with works of the ANR project "CLAPOTY".

More precisely, my work is about :
- Language Contact
- Text Mining

Our corpus are conversations highly heterogeneous, annotated at different levels and with numerous of meta-data available (in particular concerning the social context of interaction).

The corpus is multilingual: more than 40 different languages!
They consists on language contact situations. For example, it could be a dialogue between two people non-native of the same language communicating using more tha one language.

My goal is to develop methods for heterogeneous texts mining able to manage language contact.
For me, it is a existing challenging task because I will have to manange:
* under-resourced languages: so no classical NLP tools and/or ressources available
* language mixing: a speaker can start a sentence using a language switch to another one and mabe finish using a thrid one!

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