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ANNLOR: A Naïve Notation-system for Lexical Outputs Ranking

Keywords: SEMEVAL, lexical simplification

This paper presents the systems we developed while participating in the first task (English Lexical Simplification) of SemEval 2012. Our first system relies on n-grams frequencies computed from the Simple English Wikipedia version, ranking each substitution term by decreasing frequency of use. We experimented with several other systems, based on term frequencies, or taking into account the context in which each substitution term occurs. On the evaluation corpus, we achieved a 0.465 score with the first system.

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Poster_Ligozat_al_STARSEM2012 - 172 Ko - Thu, Jun 07 2012
Ligozat_al_STARSEM2012 - 114 Ko - Thu, Jun 07 2012

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Paper accepted at *SEM 2012 - Wed, Apr 25 2012

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